In January 1997, PBS aired its first episode of “Antiques Road Show”. And it’s built up quite a following ever since. It might even be the reason why you anxiously look through garage and yard sales every weekend. Who doesn’t want to find out that the $2 painting they bought secretly includes a previously undiscovered rare painting by a master artist that’s worth thousands of dollars? Bring your antiques to the 2018 Havasu Antique Road Show to find out if your antique is trash or treasure.

Is you family heirloom a priceless antique? Bring it to the 2018 Havasu Antique Road Show on Sept 11th to find out how much it's really worth.

What: 2018 Havasu Antique Road Show
Where: ASU Lake Havasu gymnasium (100 University Way)
When: Tuesday, September 11th, Doors open at 4:30 pm, Appraisals begin at 5 pm
Contact: Lake Havasu Museum (928) 854-4938 or via email 

2018 Havasu Antique Road Show

Let’s say you own a family heirloom that has been passed down from generation to generation. You’ve heard stories of its origin. You were warned to take good care of it because it could be worth a fortune. If you’ve ever wondered the real value of this treasured antique, bring it to the 2018 Havasu Antique Road Show on September 11th. Professional appraiser David Bolster brings more than 60 years of experience to our fair city. If he can’t give you a value, he’ll know where you can go to find out. And, if you just love to go “antiquing”, vendors will be displaying and selling several vintage items at the show as well.

Fees for the 2018 Havasu Antique Road Show

Sellers need to pay $10 to the city and obtain a temporary business license to sell their wares at this special event. You also must pay $10 for your vendor space. Tables and chairs will be provided for displaying items. However, make sure your antiques are no bigger than a table top. If you have pieces you’d like to be appraised, bring them with you. For $5, you’ll receive an appraisal for two items.

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Want to know which one you own? Bring it with you to the 2018 Havasu Antique Road Show to find out.

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