Earlier this year, TakeMeFishing.org conducted a survey to find the best mom-approved fishing spots in every state in the US. Not only was Lake Havasu fishing named #1 in the state, but it also made the top 10 nationwide. Way to go, Havasu!

Lake Havasu fishing ranked #1 in Arizona and #6 across the US for the top mom-approved fishing and boating locations according to TakeMeFishing.org.

Moms Approve Lake Havasu Fishing

Moms want their families to enjoy the great outdoors. But they also want them to do it safely. TakeMeFishing.org worked with moms all across the country to create their top mom-approved fishing and boating locations in every state. After six weeks of surveying, they announced the winners. Lake Havasu fishing received top marks for Arizona. By doing so, it also managed to nab the #6 spot on the Top 10 nationwide.

Why Lake Havasu Fishing is a Hit with Moms

To determine ranking, TakeMeFishing.org asked moms to consider areas that offered playgrounds to keep kids occupied, easily accessible parking, a picnic area, and a safe place to a launch boat. They also wanted to know where they felt secure in allowing their children to play in the water. Of course, a healthy fish population always helps, too. 

Several hot summer months keep Lake Havasu waters warm enough to support a thriving fish population year-round. Here, you’ll find catfish, bass (smallmouth, largemouth and striped), and panfish (bluegill and sunfish). Whether fishing from the shore, a dock or your boat, all anglers aged 10 or above need a license. They cost residents just $5 per day for kids ages 10-17 or $15 per day for anyone aged 18 or older. However, if you plan on fishing more than a couple days a year, consider purchasing an annual pass for $37 per resident/$55 for non-residents.

In addition to the fishing, Lake Havasu provides 16 different boat launches or ramps around the lake’s perimeter. London Bridge Beach, Rotary Park, and Site Six offer playground and/or picnic facilities with direct water access. So, it’s no wonder that Lake Havasu fishing hit top marks from moms!

Thank you TakeMeFishing.org and all the moms that took their survey. Show your kids what nature is all about. Bring them to the park. Take them out on the lake for the day. Or, simply drop a line and fish Lake Havasu. That’s all anyone needs to get close to nature.

Vicki Line, Come to Lake Havasu and Start Living the Lake Havasu Lifestyle!